Meet the contenders for the coveted title of Queen of Comedy! These funny ladies were picked by you and our jury to make it to the show. Armed with hilarious punch-lines, they’re ready for the comedy games to begin.

Aayushi Jagad

The open miker from Pune likes to point out how she is worthy of sympathy to make life easy.

Anshita Koul

Subtlety is not her strong suit. She uses comedy to talk about Kashmiri culture and is the self proclaimed first youtuber from J&K to do so.

Dwijal Mehta

Dogs, memes, Larry David, Woody Allen and Jerry Seinfeld are just a few things close to this open miker from Mumbai.

Jhansi Dramaqueen

She’s from Kolkata. She likes to sing. She likes to be funny. She thinks there’s nothing politically incorrect about putting those two together.

Nivedita Prakasam

Lost in life, but not with her punch lines. A former vehicle engineer turned language editor from Chennai has now turned to comedy.

Saadiya Ali

This solo YOLO-er, actor and pet-mom of two from Chennai participates in mundane conversations for free food.

Surbhi Bagga

This Delhi girl constantly uses the word Jeopardy incorrectly. But in her defence, it does sound a lot like how you would describe a really fun party in Punjabi.

Urooj Ashfaq

This open miker from Mumbai is relentless when it comes to making jokes, always looking to make people laugh.

Queens Of Comedy is a one of a kind comedy platform for women. We’re on the lookout for the country’s funniest and most talented comedians that can leave us in splits. Top contenders will battle it out for the throne.

The winner will reign over the coveted title of India’s first Queen Of Comedy and her very own TV show on TLC.

The game begins on 24th September only on TLC. Watch out!